Simon Cowell loves working during night hours


The legendary musician is known for creating waves with his brilliant music. But working too hard often leaves body in wreck. That’s exactly what happened with Simon Cowell. He was admitted in hospital last year due to falling down from the stairs of his London home. Wanna know what he thinks about it?

Falling off stairs was a wake-up call for Cowell.

Veteran Musician believes the reason behind this mishap was pushing his body beyond the limit. He was working too hard. He did not care about exertion due to overwork. That is why he collapsed on the stairway.

Let’s hear what the man thinks of this incident in his own words at a pre-recorded UK show, “I call it a wake up call because I think sometimes your body tells you you're working too hard, for me it was the late nights, 2-7 in the morning. You get addicted to it because it's quiet, but it's so unhealthy. “

He goes on to add,"It wasn't a big deal what happened but it was a bit embarrassing, a bit of an oops moment. It was like having an MOT, in a strange way I'm kind of glad it happened." We hope he is keeping well now.

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