Singer Tracy Chapman sues Nicki Minaj for stealing her song!

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  • October 24, 2018
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Super Bass hit maker Nicki Minaj slapped with charges of plagiarism by singer Tracy Chapman. 35 year-old American rapper is accused of stealing lyrics from Tracy Chapman's song, 'Baby Can I Hold You' and improvising it for her track 'Sorry'.

Reports suggest that back in June 2018, Minaj tried to obtain the copyrights of the same song from Tracy Chapman but failed. And during August 2018, Nicki released 'Sorry' as a part of her album, 'Queen'.

Singer Tracy Chapman claims that half of the lyrics in Nicki's 'Sorry' are plagiarised from her 'original' song.

Now, Chapman is suing Minaj for prohibiting her from promoting or releasing the reworked version of 'Sorry'. Tracy Chapman wants Minaj to compensate for the damage caused due to her plagiarising-act.

However, Nicki Minaj has not yet commented on the same issue.

On a related note, American rapper Nicki Minaj is all set to collaborate with Italian brand Diesel for releasing a capsule collection

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