Singing sensation Zayn Malik to run for political office in United States


British-Pakistani singing sensation, Zayn Malik, who migrated from the United Kingdom to California, loves his new life in the United States! The new-found love has reached to the limit where the star is actually considering running for office in his new country! How sudden is that?

Zayn and Gigi Hadid are complicated right now!

During his exclusive interview with GQ Magazine, the 25-year-old said that he was "a bit shocked" at first by the friendliness of Americans, and feels the country is being "misrepresented across the globe", reports

The former One Direction star said: "No matter what color, what gender, what sexuality, what class - none of that matters here. People genuinely want to know you for who you are. And that's how America should be represented across the world."

When asked, if he's ever thought about running for office by himself, he revealed, "Maybe. It would be cool. I feel like it's a beautiful place." After leaving One Direction in 2015, Zayn moved to Los Angeles and then to New York.

On the personal front, Zayn has worked out things with her ex-girlfriend and super model Gigi Hadid but still, they aren't ready to give it a name. I mean, whaaaaaat? Whhhyyyy? *sobs*

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