Spider-Man Far From Home Trailer: There's Agent Fury, Happy, Peter Parker and Mysterio but No Tony Stark?


Marvel Studios has just dropped the first teaser-trailer of Tom Holland starrer Spider-Man: Far From Home which gives a brief insight to Parker's latest adventure trip. Finally, the most anticipated trailer of the year has released and Marvel fans are head-over-heels in awe of the Sony Pictures Entertainment production.

Directed by Jon Watts, Spider-Man: Far From Home will hit the theatres on 5th July 2019

Earlier, President of the Marvel Studios Kevin Feige revealed that Far From Home would be about Peter trying to adjust back to life after the events of the two Avengers movies; Infinity War and End Game. And in recent reports, Sony producer Amy Pascal has confirmed that Spider-Man: Far From Home is set "minutes after Avengers: Endgame wraps as a story".

Have a look at the trailer of Holland starrer Spider-Man: Far From Home below:

The trailer begins as Holland aka Peter Parker has his bags-packed and is about to leave for a trip with his friends, without his suit. However, Peter's guardian May Parker aka Marisa Tomei intentionally packs the Spidey-suit in Parker's bag. Peter departs from his hometown for vacationing in the Europe with his friends including crush Michelle Jones (MJ) aka Zendaya and best-friend Ned Leeds aka Jacob Batalon.

In further events, agent Nick Fury aka Samuel L Jackman hijacks Parker's vacation and assigns him on a mission. Soon after, we see Spider-Man in the middle of high-octane superhero action along with witty one-liners.

Marvel has introduced a yet-another superhero character in the Tom Holland starrer, Mysterio being played by Brokeback Mountain actor Jake Gyllenhaal who is seen helping Spidey in saving the city.

The trailer shows Spider-Man, Happy, Agent Fury, Mysterio but there is no sign of Holland's mentor and friend, Tony Stark aka Ironman. Fans have been creating all types of theories after not witnessing Stark in the Far From Home trailer.

Some reports also conclude that as the upcoming Spider-Man movie is set right after the Endgame, there are chances that Tony aka Ironman will not survive in the Avengers: Endgame.

On a related note, Robert Downey Jr. character Ironman was a crucial part of Spider-Man: Homecoming and havce always been a mentor of Holland aka Spidey. Please share your views in the comment's section below. And stay tuned for more entertainment related updates.

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