Sting and Shaggy made 44/876 by accident


Certain things happen by accident. Popular singer Sting and rapper Shaggy's new album "44/876" was made by a "happy accident".

Shaggy jumped on each song.

"We then started working on an album which was supposed to be mine," Sting revealed to Hello! Magazine and quipped, "But I jumped on every song."sting and shaggy

Sting continued: "It's a conversation between two people from different cultures and it is based on mutual affection and I think he joy comes off the tracks. It's a happy accident."

While the duo is having a blast, the "Message in a bottle" sensation is saying that sadly their partnership isn’t going to last ahead of one album and a tour. 

Sting, 66, said: "This was great fun to make but we did it because we wanted to surprise people. We have done that so it wouldn't be a surprise next time. But the tour is going to be great fun."

Shaggy, 49, is planning to travel the road with his buddy. However, he, sort of, feels a little stage freight. We don’t believe the superstar on this.

"I get professional nerves a bit. But once you are on, it is heaven, you just glide. It's like you are in your own living room," Shaggy said.

Sting added: "I just wonder what you are doing in my living room."

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