The new Glass trailer is out and James McAvoy looks beastly-amazing as an upcoming super villain!


Finally, the extended trailer of Glass movie is out and it is breaking down the whole internet. Directed and written by ‎M. Night Shyamalan, Glass is an American superhero horror-thriller film with a star-studded cast of actors.

James McAvoy and Bruce Willis starrer Glass movie will be released on 18th January, 2019

Featuring James McAvoy, Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson, Glass is one of a kind project which will show a darker side of the super-humans. In the trailer, Bruce Willis as David Dunn is chasing a beast (James McAvoy) from a prison cell. Meanwhile, Mr. Glass aka Samuel L. Jackson is planning to reveal the world of superhuman to the actual-world.

Have a look at the magnificent trailer below:

The trailer is, indeed very spine-chilling and elaborates the plot of the movie pretty well. As per the trailer, the beast and David end up in the same high-security prison cell where things begin to go wrong.

The trailer hints at the storyline that David Dunn is up against the beast aka McAvoy. And also, that the relationship between the beast and the Elijah aka Samuel is more fore-front than the story of David Dunn and his mission of containing the beast.

The actual mystery still remains about who's the hero and who's the negative lead in the movie but one thing is for sure that the audience is in for a treat.

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