"There is a method to his madness," says Aquaman actor Patrick Wilson on King Orm


For some time, superhero movies have had sympathetic villains. Marvel's Avengers: Infinity War and Black Panther showed bad guys whose motives resonated with some fans. Well, DC is trying to do the same with Aquaman’s Orm, which is being portrayed by Patrick Wilson.

The ruler of the underwater kingdom of Atlantis and the half-brother of Arthur Curry or Aquaman, wants to wage a war against the surface world. Evil it may sound but his anger comes from us, the surface dwellers, polluting the seas for centuries.

“For centuries, the surface world has been polluting the oceans and ruining my world. So, there’s a method to his madness," he said. “It’s a very ecological fight he wants, and he believes the only way to defeat the surface world is to have all the other ocean kingdoms aligned with him. And if that happens, he becomes Ocean Master," he added.

Director James Wan, who frequently collaborates with Wilson, opined that Patrick is a character actor trapped in the body of a leading man.

“Throughout the writing process, I just kept thinking that Patrick would be perfect for Orm, so I started writing him more for Patrick, hoping that when I got to the very end, I could convince the powers that be that he would be the right guy for this role. I just knew that Patrick would come into this and kill it," he said.

Aquaman is set to hit the Indian screens on December 14.

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