Zach Braff gears up for Scrubs


Popular actor Zach Braff is all set for a peppy "Scrubs" reunion. Yes, the team is coming together for the reunion. 

Zach Braff secretly auditioned for Scrubs twice after getting rejected the first time.

Braff told James Corden on "The Late Late Show", "It seems like everyone wants that so much these days."scrubs

He was quoted as saying,"I'm doing 'Alex, Inc.' now, but maybe if it was a TV movie or something. I don't know. In some incarnation I'd be interested, yeah." Isn't that interesting?

"Scrubs" had gone off air during 2010 after nine seasons. After that time, its star-cast fellows have come together over the years in  different degrees. Braff is still good friends with actor Donald Faison and they reunited with the audience’s favourite actor John C. McGinley for a photo session. Braff bumped into Elizabeth Banks during 2016.

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