Bigg Boss 12 Day 18 Updates: Ex-Roadies contestant is on a roll inside the house!


The 12th season of Salman Khan hosted reality TV show, Bigg Boss has been crushing TRPs from the first episode itself. In this season, contestants are completely explosive and tasks are absolutely ridiculous.

Last night's episode was nothing less than a matinee show when an ex-roadies contestant began playing with the minds of Bigg Boss contestants. Yes, we are talking about wild-card entrant Surbhi Rana!

Well, we know that missing even a single episode of the show costs you tons of entertainment. And to make sure that you never miss any update related to the Bigg Boss season 12, we have chronologically arranged the events of the 18th day of the show:

As per in the previous episode, we witnessed the first round of the luxury-budget task, 'Jwalamukhi'. Last night's episode began as the 'Jwalamukhi' task resumed.

Contestant Deepak, Nehha, Karanvir and Saba started collecting balls for competing in the luxury-budget task. Nehha tries to patch up with Saba by offering her balls, but Saba disagrees.

Deepak Thakur leaves the task and gives all the balls to Karanvir.

We witness Saba stealing Nehha's balls due to which Nehha gets eliminated from the task.

Anup Jalota and Jasleen Matharu who broke up during the nomination task, were seen patching things up with each other. Anup tells Jasleen that she has to give him more importance over her make-up and clothes.

Karanvir also quits the game by distributing his balls to Romil and Saba.

Bigg Boss announces 3 jodis as the winner of the 'Jwalamukhi' task including Sourabh-Shivashish, Saba-Somi and Romil-Surbhi. Also, that the winning jodis are also qualified for the captaincy task.

Next day begins as Bigg Boss plays the song 'Ziddi' for waking up the contestants. As everyone wakes up, contestants begin chit-chatting. Surbhi shares with Romil that she is not going to support Saba and Somi as they swore on her mother and didn’t follow it.

Ex-Roadies contestant Surbhi tries to make things fine between her and Somi. However, Somi Khan denies to Surbhi's friendship proposal.

Surbhi talks to Romil that she won't trust Saba-Somi as the captains of the house and questioned their honesty.

While Jasleen was cleaning the house, her broom accidentally touched Deepak's feet which lead to a heated argument between the two.

Surbhi Rana and the Khan-sisters again get into an argument with each other. Surbhi calls Saba Khan 'idiot' and continues to fight. Meanwhile, Anup Jalota is sitting with Jasleen and Karanvir when he says that Surbhi is a troublemaker.

Urvashi tries to make things fine between Deepak Thakur and Jasleen Matharu but fails.

The captaincy task begins and it includes having to sit with the captain ring for as long as possible. During the task, Surbhi begins mocking Somi and everyone laughs.

When Surbhi's mocking was not enough for breaking Somi, she began abusing Somi. Somi complains to Bigg Boss that Surbhi is abusing but Bigg Boss does nothing.

Mediator Nehha tries to stop Surbhi from misbehaving but fails to do so. Later, Surbhi bursts out in tears and says that everyone has made her the 'bad person'.

All the housemates say that they are fed up of Surbhi and her rogue behaviour. Surbhi complains of being pulled during the captaincy task.

Shivashish tries his best for making Surbhi win by feeding her. The captaincy task is yet to complete and we cannot wait anymore.

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