Bigg Boss 12, Day 25 Updates: Bigg Boss bans captaincy due to on-going fights in the house


The surprise mid-week eviction of cricketer Sreesanth has stunned all the contestants. And the biggest surprise about which no one inside the house knows is that Anup Jalota and Sreesanth are not yet out of the game.

Both the evicted contestants including Sreesanth and Bhajjan singer are keeping an eye on the game from the secret room. Soon the day begins with the delightful song, 'Pretty Woman' for waking up the contestants.

In the previous episode, Bigg Boss announces another captaincy task between Saba-Somi and Srishty Rode. In order to win the captaincy, the two contenders will have to collect magnetic plates from the other housemates by convincing them.

Soon the captaincy task begins suring which Srishty and Saba get physical with each other. All the contestants are shocked with the violent behaviour of their fellow contestants.

Srishty quits the task and gets angry. Srishty locks herself up in the toilet inside the Bigg Boss house. Soon, Bigg Boss interferes by asking Dipika to narrate the whole incident. Dipika explains everything how it happened during the task and what lead to the tussle

Bigg Boss makes yet-another surprising anouncement by saying that till the time Srishty and Saba are in the house, they won't become captains. Bigg Boss' decision completely shattered both the contestants.

As the captaincy task got cancelled, Romil and Surbhi continue playing the role of captains inside the house. In a conversation with Karanvir, Dipika says to Karanvir that Srishty was wrong where Karanvir says both were wrong in the task.

As Sreesanth and Anup Jalota are watching the game from the secret-room, both of them begin discussing the current on-goings inside the house. Sreesanth goes against Deepika and says that she is being manipulative.

Now, as Dipika blames Srishty for attacking Saba, Nehha also joins Dipika in the argument. While watching the whole argument from the secret room, Sreesath swore to bring the actual face of Nehha and Dipika in front of the world.

What will happen next? Will Dipika be able to maintain being manipulative inside the house? Will Sreesanth and Jalota get to re-enter the house?

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