Bigg Boss 12, Day 36 Updates: Ex-Roadies contestant gets violent with Dipika Kakar during the luxury budget task!


The villainous entry of wild-card entrants; Rohit Suchanti and Megha Dhade, has affected all the lives of pre-existing contestants. Where some inmates are charmed by Rohit and Megha, there are others who hate them.

Hosted by Bajrangi Bhaijaan Salman, Bigg Boss season 12 has achieved that phase of the show where each and every episode depicts a different story. The almighty Bigg Boss introduces luxury budget task of the week during which Surbhi Rana gets violent and ends up strangling Dipika Kakar.

Let us shine some light on the last night updates of Bigg Boss season 12:

As we earlier witnessed in the show, former cricketer Sreesanth has had his share of ride with Deepak Thakur. Sreesanth is upset with singer Deepak as he supported Saba during the task.

Meanwhile, Wild card entrant Megha Dhade who is Marathi Bigg Boss winner is trying everything that she can for securing her place in the game show. Megha suggests Karanvir to spend more time in playing the game instead of cleaning the house.

Srishty Rode informs Anup Jalota that she is going to take revenge from his love-interest, Jasleen Matharu. Romil Choudhary remarks that Sreesanth and Dipika are the Vikas Gupta and Shilpa Shinde of this season. Adding to the topic, Megha says that Sreesanth and Dipika are emotionally attached.

Bigg Boss introduces the captaincy task, 'BB Poultry Farm'. Karanvir reads the instructions for the rest of the contestants to follow. As per the task, Karanvir and Megha will play the role of the farmers and rest of the contestants will be shopkeepers who will collect the eggs and give it to the farmers. In return for the egg, farmers will give puppets with contestant's name on it. Shopkeepers will have to exchange their eggs with a contestant's puppet who they want to remove from captaincy.

Shivashish gets the first egg which he uses to destroy Romil's puppet and chance of captaincy. Srishty Rode gets the second puppet which she uses for destroying Shivashish's puppet.

Soon after, Saba steals Karanvir's egg and Dipika tries to stop her. Srishty is constantly trying to instigate Jasleen Matharu while strategising the task.

Bigg Boss disqualifies Dipika Kakar and Surbhi Rana for physically assaulting each other. Then, Bigg Boss calls Karanvir and Megha in the special room.

As Karanvir and Megha left, Srishty starts crying as Sreesanth is supporting Jasleen and not her. Deepak Thakur manages to get his hands on 2 eggs. Deepak uses the first egg to destroy Sreesanth's puppet and gives the second egg to Surbhi. She gives the egg to Karanvir and destroys Jasleen's puppet.

Karanvir promises Deepak Thakur that he'll make sure that Urvashi gets the captaincy. Khan Sisters try to instigate Deepak. Urvashi says that she is in the show only for herself. Deepak disapproves Urvashi's selfishness.

Urvashi tells Somi that she is weak without her sister, Saba. Deepak Thakur gets another egg and destroys Dipika's puppet.

Now, Deepak Thakur who has destroyed three puppets will be on the radar of many contestants. Megha and Rohit are safely securing their place inside the house which is what the housemates are most afraid about.

Stay tuned for more Bigg Boss related updates. And please share your thoughts in the comment's section below.

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