Bigg Boss 12 Exclusive: Ex-winner Gauhar Khan slams another ex-winner Shilpa Shinde for mocking BB contestants!


It seems like BB12 house is not as much on fire as the Twitter page. Every day, one celebrity or the other is posting about the Indian TV reality game show. And the award for the most active BB12 follower goes to ex-winner Shilpa Shinde.

Ex-winner Gauhar Khan gave the best reply to Shilpa Shinde’s mocking onTwitter

In our previous reports, we already mentioned how Shilpa took it to Twitter for mocking KV's wife Teejay's open letter to the makers of the show. Where Teejay's intentions were pretty clear for supporting her husband Karanvir, the audience fails to understand Shilpa's intentions behind mocking her.

Well, TV actress Shilpa has once again done the same thing. Shilpa took it to her Twitter account for mocking KV who is posing with lingerie. In the caption Shilpa wrote: "Naya open letter aanewala Hain".

Also, when Megha dispalyed her shoe for wooing Deepak Thakur during a task, Shilpa wrote on Twitter: "Is she a winner?? I respect her title, bt her behavior is certainly nt complementing a title of winner. We know #DeepakThakur has tendency to instigate her n he is doing it good (at least that is wat show requires him to do) bt reacting in this manner is not graceful for winner."

In the rife of war-of-words among the celebrity followers of the Salman-Khan-hosted show, actor-model Gauhar Khan slammed Shinde with a yet-another post on Twitter.

In the post, Gauhar wrote: "So an ex winner questioned an ex winners current behaviour on the show! But the former dissing n mocking another ladies earnest effort to support her husband , is very much how an ex winner must behave, right????? #shocking."

Boom! Right in your face Shilpa! If not Gauhar then someone had to do the same to Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hain actress. Keeping in mind that both the actresses are former winners of Bigg Boss, we think there is no need of fighting on what goes inside the house (Only if you have other work).

Perhaps, it won't be wrong to say that ex-Bigg Boss contestants are still more interesting than the present contestants of BB12. Please share your views in the comment's section below. And stay tuned for more entertainment related updates

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