Bigg Boss 12 Exclusive: Karanvir Bohra's wife writes a letter to BB makers asking why he is ridiculed!


This year's most viewed Indian TV show, Bigg Boss season 12 is almost half-way through and the audience have clearly made their opinions about the contestants of the Salman Khan hosted game show. In fact, BB housemates have also started playing on the front-foot for making their place secure inside the BB 12 house.

Bigg Boss 12 airs on Colors channel every night at 9pm

One of the most popular contestants of BB 12, Karanvir Bohra is gathering tons of attention and is playing well. However, KV's fans and wife are not pleased with the kind of behaviour he has been facing throughout the game show.

In order to clearly state the fact that BB makers are being biased towards KV, wife Teejay Sidhu has written an open letter to the makers of the show for asking some valid questions. KV's wife took it to her official Twitter handle for posting about the same. In the caption of her post, Teejay wrote: “It's okay to joke around and tease someone, but there comes a point when a person may be feeling genuinely upset. He may smile, but it doesn't mean he's happy, it just means he is trying not to show his pain. @karanvirbohra #BiggBoss12”

In the above mentioned tweet, KV's wife has clearly stated many instances where host Salman Khan has been biased with Karanvir Bohra and ridiculed him. "KV is often accused of showing fake-mahanta, but when Romil gives up his video message for Somi, he is given an award and applauded", wrote Teejay in the letter.

The fact that KV is often ridiculed over his looks and his attire is undeniable. And this letter makes it clear that there is something more about it.

Earlier, KV's arch-nemesis and former cricketer, Sreesanth was seen trying to elope from the BB house whereas KV stopped him with good intentions. Also, Karanvir himself has never shown such rogue behaviour and yet he has not yet been appreciated for that.

On a related note, Sreesanth and KV were good friends during the beginning of the show but now, their relationship is not on a good-term. Bigg Boss 12 airs on Colors channel every night at 9pm.

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