Bigg Boss 12 Exclusive: Shivashish lands the whole BB house in trouble!


Bigg Boss 12 has all eyes on it. India's most successful reality TV show, BB 12 is almost half-way through and the contestants are already playing on their front foot for winning the game show.

Bigg Boss 12 is being hosted by Bollywood celebrity Salman Khan

In the last night's episode, the present captain of the BB house, Romil and fellow contestant Shivashish got into a war of words. The fight began when Romil nominated Shivashish for the 'Kaalkothri' task.

Shivashish confronts captain Romil's decision and denies from entering the jail of BB 12 house. What happens next is inevitable; all the housemates began taking sides of the two contestants.

After a brief amount of time, Bigg Boss gives Shivashish a final warning but still, Shivashish doesn't agree for. As a result, Bigg Boss punishes all the contestants by nominating them for eviction. Romil being the captain is saved from nominations.

On a related note, Salman Khan hosted reality TV show Bigg Boss 12 airs on Colors TV, every night at 9 pm.

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