Bigg Boss 12 Updates: Kriti Verma and Shivashish show rebellious traits inside the house!


Soon after the completion of 'Weekend Ka Vaar', the contestants have begun revealing their true colors. While Shivashish and Kriti have begin their companionship, Saba and Somi have become furious as Kriti and Roshmi didn't defend them from nominations.

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With so much going-on inside the house, it gets very difficult to keep a track of the on-goings. Well, here are the latest updates from Day 8 of Bigg Boss season 12:

Bigg Boss contestants' day begin with Kriti and Roshmi trying their best for sorting out the misunderstanding among themselves. However, fellow contestant Dipika, Neha and Srishty thinks that Roshmi is being dragged by the weight of rogue Kriti's companionship.

The jodi of Kriti and Roshmi suffers again as Roshmi is not cool with the fact that Kriti is breaking the rules inside the house. Meanwhile, Saba and Somi are angry with Roshmi and Kriti as they didn't save them from nominations.

Soon, Saba and Somi get into a verbal argument with Kriti and Roshmi while deciding the house captain. Former cricketer Sreesanth tries his best to make Kriti understand that her behaviour towards Somi is not appreciable. Kriti and Roshmi are awarded with the power to save a jodi from nomination and they chose Deepak Thakur and Urvashi Vani.

TV actress Dipika Kakar shows concern related to the Kitchen duties but Jasleen and Saba find Dipika's attitude bossy and gossip about her. Talking about the brighter parts, Bhajjan singer Anup Jalota sings a melodious song for beau Jasleen Matharu and Shivashish is making a bond with Kriti.

Kriti throws Shivashish into the swimming pool. And Bigg Boss reveals that Kriti and Roshmi are nominated for eliminations.

Saba and Somi Khan get into a fight with each other. However, the companionship of Kriti and Shivashish takes and mischievous turn. Kriti takes away Shivashish's microphone which lands her into trouble.

Now, we are yet to acknowledge the reason behind Kriti and Shivashish's rebellious nature and the on-going relationship between the two contestants

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