Bigg Boss Exclusive: Evicted contestant Urvashi Vani says Deepak Thakur is NOT a friend!


Aspiring singer Urvashi Vani who entered as a pair with singer Deepak Thakur got evicted from the Indian reality TV game show, Bigg Boss 12. Although Deepak is playing pretty well in the Salman Khan hosted reality show, Urvashi Vani found it hard to garner votes and got evicted in last night's Weekend Ka Vaar episode of BB 12.

I could not tolerate his nasty behaviour. When we couldn’t bond inside the house, I don’t think I will be friends with him outside now

Soon after her eviction, Urvashi was interviewed by a media group during which she revealed a lot of things about the Bigg Boss 12 house. While talking about her eviction, Urvashi said: “It was quite a roller coaster ride but definitely a great one. I did not really expect that I would go out so soon. Housemates kept calling me weak and that, I think, went against me. But I don’t understand, just because I was not loud, doesn’t mean I was weak. I always stood for the right, but it wasn’t enough, clearly.”

Talking about the environment inside the Bigg Boss house, Vani said: “I don’t think there is any difference. Once you enter a show like Bigg Boss, everyone becomes a celebrity. I think it’s all about mindset. And sadly, it’s only the commoners who feel the need to talk about this barrier. I was friends with everyone because we had mutual respect for each other.”

Talking about her experience inside the BB house, Urvashi said: "According to me, I was doing quite well. But I couldn’t change people’s perception about me not being entertaining. I worked on all my shortcomings. I hate dancing but tried it every day. I started dressing up and putting makeup only for the show. But for the world that’s not good enough. Only shouting and fighting means entertainment for them.”

Meanwhile, Urvashi Vani gave an insight to her relationship with Deepak Thakur. Vani said: “As a jodi, we did not have the required coordination. While he knew about my silent nature, I was amazed to know about his reality. I cannot stand someone who doesn’t respect people and relationship. Also, no one has the right to put me down, even for the game. I could not tolerate his nasty behaviour. When we couldn’t bond inside the house, I don’t think I will be friends with him outside now. I think Deepak is really stupid, for he gets manipulated easily.”

As we all have seen Deepak is constantly trying to hit on Somi Khan which seemed to be bothering Urvashi. Talking about the same, Vani said: “Not at all. There was nothing from my side. Somi genuinely felt uncomfortable by Deepak’s action. And as a middle-class girl, I understand that such things can become an issue post the show. This is why I tried explaining the consequences of firing up a love angle in Bigg Boss to Somi.”

While sharing her experience on interacting with host Salman Khan, Urvashi said: “He was really sweet to me. He scolds us when we go wrong and always pushes us to do better. I really loved interacting with him.”

On a related note, the aspiring singer from Bihar confirmed that she will soon be moving to Mumbai for pursuing her dream of becoming an established singer in the industry. Urvashi also added that she wants to become a fashion designer as well.

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