Is Bigg Boss 12 Finale Going to Be the Reason for Dipika and Sreesanth’s Break-Up?


Bigg Boss has always been one of the most loved reality shows of Indian television. This season has also come up with endless spicy stories taking place among the housemates. With only handful of days remaining in the finale of the show, it can clearly be seen that the season is now reaching at the peak of entertainment.

Sreesanth and Dipika are one of the contestants sharing maximum popularity from the viewers. In the beginning of the season, audience came across the sibling-like relationship between the two. For the same, both of them have always been making the news headlines.

However, it seems like that this dynamic between them is now changing. As the show is moving forwards its end, the inner environment of the house is smouldering. The recent promo of the show has succeeded in leaving the audience and Sreesanth’s wife in an awestruck mode. Sreesanth’s sister, Dipika, who has always been on her brother’s side can be glimpsed as being on the opposite side this time.  She can be seen nominating her beloved brother for the ticket to finale.

Circumstances have never been quite in the favour of the cricketer Sreesanth in the house. Sreesanth’s wife, Bhuvaneshwari could not maintain the silence watching the house going against her husband and resultantly tweeted, "If sreesanth would have done what Deepika did today according to promo, I am sure promo would have sounded like "Finale ticket ki Lalach mein Bhai Sreesanth ne Diya Bahen Deepika ko DOKHA". Right? @ColorsTV ColorsTV @BiggBoss #Sreesanth #SreeFam”

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