Know some of the most unknown facts about Indian TV queen Ekta Kapoor!


Bold of Bollywood

People know Ekta Kapoor as the face behind numerous family-drama sitcoms but a very few people know that she started her career with some of the boldest Bollywood movies. Some of the most popular projects of Ekta include Love, Sex aur Dhoka and Ragini MMS.

Big time Potato-couch

Legendary actor Jeetendra's daughter and famous TV and film producer, Ekta had a troubled childhood due to which she spent most of her teenage in front of the idiot-box while binge-watching sitcoms.

Superstitious and proud

The fact that Ekta Kapoor is highly superstitious and a believer of numerology is not unknown but a very few people know that her superstitious nature is not restricted to only numerology. Yes, you heard it right. The fact is that Ekta Kapoor is generally seen wearing black platform heels and it looks like there is a reason behind it. As per the reports, these platform sandals have been blessed by her personal astrologer

Love for Chocolates

Besides adult movies and superstition, Ekta has another obsession which is chocolates. As per our sources, Ekta loves eating chocolates. There are further rumors that Ekta is on the verge of making a movie in which girls will be making love to a chocolate bar. If this is not obsession then what is?


Although, Ekta is always seen smiling and in the boldest avatar but a very few people know that she has her own share of fears. In an interview, Ekta's brother-actor Tusshar Kapoor revealed that she is afraid of heights and darkness. A rumor also says that Ekta cannot ride a helicopter.


We know that there are many celebrities who are known to have exotic dog breeds as pets but seems like Ekta has taken a step ahead in showing her love for dogs. As per the sources, Ekta Kapoor has adopted many stray dogs around her house and office.


If anything perfection is the best friend of this TV and film producer. Ekta Kapoor is known for her totalitarian behaviour while working. As per a source, Ekta rejected Kumkum's costume more than 15 times before finalizing one. And likewise, Ekta had to cancel 5 scripts before accepting one.

Isn't she the boldest and the most badass TV producers that we have in India? We bet she is! Stay tuned for more Indian TV related updates.

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