Splitsvilla 11 winners Shruti Sinha and Gaurav Alugh: Know how best friends redefined the game and more!


On Sunday, February 3, Shruti Sinha and Gaurav Alugh won the 11th season of successfully running reality show Splitsvilla. The fierce team of best friends seemed overwhelmed as they talked about their journey in the show to leading news daily.

Gaurav Alugh, who entered as a wild card in this show, said that he was adamant about winning Splitsvilla 11."It was long pending for me. I reached the Roadies finale but couldn’t win it. So that hunger to win was in me. When the makers approached me, I was clear in my head that I will come out as the winner. It’s interesting that I am one of the first wild card entrants to have won any show,” he said.

Although Shruti Sinha fell in love with another contestant Rohan Hingorani during the show, won the season with Gaurav but was seen very satisfied. She said, “Once we were through the semi-final, we knew we wanted to win it anyhow. I have been asked if it was upsetting to not have Rohan beside me but honestly, it wasn’t. Rohan was given a fair chance but unfortunately, we couldn’t compete together. As for Gaurav, we are really close friends, so it was quite special for me.”

Splitsvilla is a reality show, all about finding your true love, however, for a change friendship ruled the season. Gaurav and Shruti think that sharing this special bong of friendship between them since the last season of roadies and then winning another reality show is the best things that could have happened. Gaurav mentioned during the interview, “I think we redefined the rules of the game by winning it as besties. We keep talking about how friendship should be the base of any relationship. And here you had two thick friends winning a dating reality show.”

Taking about all the taunts and bitching that happens among the contestants, Shruti said, “We have actually heard it a lot. But then it is a fact that since we have already faced a lot of hurdles in Roadies, we are stronger when it comes to tasks. We didn’t really care what others had to say for it was indeed an added advantage for us.”

Until Gaurav's entry Shruti was paired wih Rohan but when Gaurav made some big revelation about how Rohan does not respect Shruti enough; a few followers of the show felt that this might just be another game plan to make his mark on the show and also to be paired with Shruti. However, Gaurav denied all the allegations and said he was only being a good friend. “I know people thought it was planned but I am not such a good actor to pull that off. Also, I did not give out many details. It was more of wanting Rohan and Shruti to talk out their differences. It was Anushka Mitra (another contestant from Splisvilla 11), who’s words caused the situation to go out of hands. But now, when I look back, I do feel I should have spoken to Rohan directly than talking at the dome session,” he expressed.

On a relatable note, Shruti Sinha is busy with choreographing work and is looking out for acting opportunities as well; Gaurav Alugh will be seen in Kehne Ko Humsafar Hai 2 very soon.

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