12 Kickass quotes by Donna Paulsen from Suits which proves she is the sassiest woman on TV


Sometimes there are a few virtual characters which have a really special place in our hearts and are very inspiring as well. If you've watched one of the best running series on TV, Suits, we're sure you fell in love with the character of Donna Paulsen at first sight.  Even Harvey Spector said, "What would I do without you, Donna?"

Donna Pearsen is our #WomanCrushEveryday

She's sassy, smart, quick-witted, confident, kick-ass and a very strong woman. Donna proves that every imperfect woman can be confident, she can be strong as well as compassionate and she can be loyal even if she is vulnerable. It's not wrong to say that Donna Paulsen is one of the most loved characters on TV and also goals for every strong-headed girl in the world.

Check out some of her best quotes from the series to solidify your love and admiration towards her:

Donna is indeed the perfect role model for girls and surely amazes us in every season. The new episodes of Suits season 8 are all set to telecast from January 23.

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