Emmy Awards 2018 hit a new time low in viewership!

Television’s biggest night wasn’t that big

Apparently, the Emmy Awards drew a record-low audience of just over 10.2 million people, down 11 percent from the past two years. As reported, top shows like The Big Bang Theory and the late Roseanne failed to gather any major nominations leading to major viewer disinterest.

The award ceremony was hosted by Saturday Night Live fame Michael Che and Colin Jost. While Amazon's The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel bagged the first show from a streaming service to win best comedy, HBO's fantasy drama Game of Thrones became the top drama.

The show reached virtually identical audiences of 11.4 million each of the last two years, the Nielsen Company said. The decline in television award shows continues to be a troubling trend. The Oscars audience this year was down 19 percent from 2017 and the Grammys were down 23 percent.

The various mediums available to watch television shows, other than the TV does play a crucial role in the decreasing audiences. When “Frasier” was winning awards in the 1990s, the comedy was regularly seen in nearly 20 million homes. Streamed shows like “Mrs. Maisel” are far less popular and, in fact, it’s still difficult to get precise numbers about how many people watch them.

On a happy note, this year Emmy Awards might have the most-watched marriage proposal of the year. Emmy winner Glenn Weiss heartened audience members by proposing to his girlfriend while onstage accepting an award for directing the Oscars telecast. Jan Svendsen said yes.

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