Game of Thrones season 8 teaser: It's all about ice v/s fire!


The makers of the greatest fantasy drama show, Game of Thrones have released an interesting teaser of season 8. And yes, the teaser does hints at a lot of plot points that we've all been talking about for so long!

The fifty-four-seconds-long teaser begins with ice engulfing a statute of a direwolf, the sigil of House Stark. The ice then moves ahead and freezes over a dragon statue, the sigil of House Targaryen. Next, big flames engulf a lion statue, the sigil of House Lannister.

In the seventh season, we witnessed the Starks joining hands with the Targaryens to fight against the whitewalkers. On the other hand, Cersei was safe in the south of Westeros, while Jaime left her and rode to the north! The audience also got confirmation on Jon’s true parentage and it was revealed that he is a valid heir to the throne.

Also, it is quite amazing to watch a dragon freeze over because they represt fire. In the last episode of season 7, we saw the Night King riding the undead dragon Viserion as he broke down a section of the wall with the White Walker army marching down south.

By the looks of it, we think that the final season is going to be a bloodful fight between  the Lannisters vs Starks and Targaryens. Game of Thrones will return with six episodes from April 2019. This will be the last season of the show.

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