“I didn’t feel good enough or pretty enough” says Friends actor Jennifer Aniston


The famous actress of American television show Friends, Jennifer Aniston, recently shared her views on the glamorous world and how much it takes to look the way she wanted on any of the big events. The actress poured her heart out giving a glimpse to an untouched side of her personality. We have usually seen her looking just on-point like other big actresses on-screen. However, Jennifer had other views of her story.

She said, ‘Me glamorous? This takes a couple of hours to do. I didn't grow up being perceived that way and I've certainly had many moments in my life where I didn't feel good enough or pretty enough or anything enough, where I felt horrible about myself. But you just have to go through those periods and get stronger and realise how you are perceived really has to do with how you feel about yourself more than anything else."

Further to the story, she added that to look the way she looks; she has to rely a lot upon her hair stylist and makeup stylist.
Additionally, Aniston talked about her being a godparent. She expressed her bliss for being the godparent to her pals’ kids. She said that she is very proud to share the relationship with the kids. She inclusively believes that the children do not require any specific guidance as they have already been nurtured in the right way. 

The actress was also asked about sharing a glamorous relationship with her godchildren to which she replied, "They don't know me as a glamorous person at all. They come over on the weekend - we call it Sunday Fun Day and it's sort of a fun, magical place for them to visit. It's all sweatpants, jeans and flip-flops. They're really extraordinary kids - they're all products of my girlfriends, who are women whom I've been in love with for 25, sometimes 30 years, who have brought them up the right way."

On a relatable note, Jennifer was last seen in Dumplin as Rosie Dickson. Stay tuned for more entertainment related updates.

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