Jimmy Kimmel and John Stamos had a fun chat together about their baby boys named Billy


Americas popular television host  Jimmy Kimmel and Full House star’s John Stamos talked about both of theirs son are named Billy on Saturday at the red carpet of the From Paris With Love Children's Hospital Los Angeles fundraising gala. At the event, Kimmel was also honoured with the Courage to Care award.

It was fun watching Jimmy and John together in an interview on the red carpet of the From Paris with Love Children's Hospital Los Angeles fundraising gala. Being a funny man that he is, Jimmy Kimmel informed that his son is too young for babysitting John Stamos son. Both of their sons are named Billy and their fathers sure took a dig at it.

Last year, Kemmel made a special announcement on his much loved TV show, Jimmy Kimmel Live! that he and his wife Molly McNearney welcomed second child, Billy. The adorable baby went through an urgent heart surgery at Children's Hospital Los Angeles to treat a congenital defect twice in 6 months of his birth. At this gala event on October 20, Jimmi Kimmel was also honoured with the Courage to Care Award.

Caitlyn McHugh and John Stamos welcomed their first baby boy also named Billy, in April 2019. In the humorous viral video, Stamos started by saying, “We both have Billys,” when they met each other at this gala for a quick interview with E! News on the red carpet. “Yeah, we do have Billys, A pair of Billys. [Mine's] 18 months tomorrow.” Kimmel replied. "He can babysit ours," jokingly Stamos adds as his son is only six months old. “No, he's too young to babysit, John.” Kimmel added while they were joking around, “John only has one child so he doesn't know—18-month-old children cannot babysit a six-month-old, no.”

"What about Jane, can she watch him?" Stamos further asked referring to Kimmel’s elder daughter. To which Kimmel laughed and said, "Uh, no, she's 4, she's too young to watch. They gotta be at least 14." "You're no good to me," Stamos replied humorously. This whole fun and light conversation between both of these stars tell us so much about their personal relations. They are indeed good friends in real life and are quite updated about each-others family.

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Stamos also congratulated Kimmel for his nomination at People’s Choice Awards this year. After this conversation, Jimmy Kimmel further added in his interview that his son has been doing great lately and is in good health.

“He's very healthy and he's walking around. Every day he picks up a new word. Today it was ‘on’ and ‘off’. I don’t know how he got them both together but he wants the light on and then off, and on and off until a light bulb explodes,” he further added like any other excited father would.

Kimmel and Stamos attended this event with their respective wives and children. Kimmel got a bit emotional while he was on stage giving his acceptance speech for the award he received. “My wife and I, I know we've raised $4.5 million tonight, we're going to raise it to $5.5 million and I'm crying because I don't want to part with the money,” Kimmel said. “It really is silly that this award is being given to me because there are at least 500 people in this room more deserving of it. Billy for one, he had to have the operations and my wife Molly who was very strong and she does so much for the mother's still at Children's Hospital. She was the courageous one,” he continued to add more words to his speech.

The popular American TV host also thanked Pharrell Williams and Dave Grohl, “I want to thank Dave Grohl who is much too nice to be a rock star. He filled in for me when I was out for Billy's operation on Halloween and he came tonight to do even more," Kimmel said. "I want to thank Dave, Pharrell Williams, who is also just a wonderful person. I think him being here tonight makes up for the 900,000 times I had to hear the song 'Happy' played by my daughter.”

He got more emotional while ending of his speech and added, “I know that there are probably better things you could be doing on a Saturday but by donating and helping to do these people do the work the that they do, you're giving a gift to parents and children's and families that you might never know and ours is one of them, and we thank you because we know this hospital existed long before we needed it.”

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