"My character creates a system that transcends people," says Diego Luna on Narcos Mexico


Netflix is gearing up to set your screens of fire with Narcos: Mexico, which will premiere on November 16, this Friday! Before the big day, executive producer Eric Newman, and lead actors Diego Luna and Michael Pena discussed the series and their characters in the recently held Netflix event See What’s Next Asia in Singapore.

Diego Luna, who plays drug mafia Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo in the series, spoke about the universal relevance of his character. He said, “It’s not the stereotype of the drug dealer we’ve seen before. It’s a guy who is much more of a businessman. He is one step ahead of everyone. He sees an opportunity and he takes it. He creates a system that transcends people, you know.”

“We are not telling a story about good and bad people. It is not black and white. This story lives in the grey areas. We’re telling you a story about Mexico, but it’s not about Mexico. It’s about the world’s biggest issue today and it’s an issue that involves all of us around the planet,” the actor further added.

Michael Pena, who was last seen in Ant-man and the Wasp as the lovable Luis, shed light on his character as well. Michael, who plays undercover agent Kiki Camarena in the show, said, “I don’t know if Kiki necessarily wanted justice, more than anything, or just wanted to bring down the bad guys, anybody who crossed the law. And that’s mainly who Kiki was. He was just a guy who saw the signs of a cartel empire being built. He could almost see the future and nobody believed him which made him even more obsessed.”Talking about his hopes and expectations from the show, Michael said, “I want people to be entertained as I was in the first couple of seasons of Narcos.”

Eric Newman, one of the executive producers, who was also present at the panel said that Narcos: Mexico is complete in itself and offers a wholly new experience.

“I think what works very well for the show is that two people can watch and have totally different experiences. We have always designed the show as an extended universe of drug traffickers and when you watch the show you will see that the Colombian story exists simultaneous to this,” Eric said.

“One of the great things about the show is that you can come in on Season 4 and get the full picture, but also go back and watch Season 1, 2 and 3, not having missed anything,” Eric concluded.

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