Scientists reveal how Game of Thrones characters could have survived in the show!


Scientists, who have analysed more than 300 deaths in the popular fantasy drama television show Game of Thrones, belive that staying loyal lead characters of the show brings an early death. Apparently, they have decoded who is more likely to survive in the forthcoming eighth and final season.

Published by the journal Injury Epidemiology, the research shows that characters were more likely to survive if they had switched their allegiance. For example, Tyrion Lannister avoids death by switching allegiances between the houses Lannister and Targaryen.

Researchers at Macquarie University in Australia evaluated the deaths of all important Game of Thrones characters across seven seasons of the show.

Also, the risk of death is always greater of characters that were lowborn (not a Lord or Lady), compared to those that were highborn. “By the end of the seventh season, more than half of the characters had died — 186 out of the 330 characters we included in this study — with violent deaths being the most common by far,” said Lystad.

“While these findings may not be surprising for regular viewers, we have identified several factors that may be associated with better or worse survival, which may help us to speculate about who will prevail in the final season,” he added.

Researchers found that the majority of deaths occurred in Westeros (80.1 percent), and the most common place of death was in the home. The most common causes of death were injuries (73.7 percent), and particularly wounds of the head and neck, including 13 decapitations.

Only two deaths from natural causes occurred across the seven seasons of the show: Maester Aemon and Old Nan, who both died of old age. The remainder of deaths were from burns (11.8 percent) or poisonings (4.8 percent). The most common circumstances of deaths were assault (63.0 percent), operations of war (24.4 percent), and legal executions (5.4 percent).

The probability of dying within the first hour after first appearing on screen was around 14 percent. The survival time of characters ranged from 11 seconds to 57 hours and 15 minutes. The median survival time was estimated to be 28 hours and 48 minutes. The researchers collected data on mortality and survival of 330 characters from all 67 episodes from seasons one to seven of Game of Thrones.

They recorded data on the sociodemographic status of the characters, including their sex, social status, type of occupation, religious affiliation, and allegiance, alongside their survival time, and the circumstances of their death.

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