10 natural ways to get rid of those stubborn blackheads permanently


Pesky blackheads are the last thing anyone wants to deal with; they look like big black holes on the middle of your nose if you don’t take them out. Getting rid of these stubborn black dots from your face could be a pain in your brain and squeezing them never helps.

Listed below are 10 simple and natural home remedies which will help you extracting those numerous blackheads permanently, we promise! These remedies will deep cleanse, unclog pores and leave your skin as soft as a baby.

Mint Toothpaste

Apply a little amount of easily available mint toothpaste on your nose or chin and let it dry completely. Once it’s dried, with a few drops of water gently massage and scrub it around the area with blackheads and then rinse it off. This procedure with mint toothpaste helps in clogging open pores and kills the building bacteria as well.

Aloe Vera

Applying natural Aloe gel on the face, helps in skin softening, unclogs pores and controls excess amount of oil secretion. Prevention is better than cure and this would prevent blackheads to appear as your skin would breathe properly and stay clean.

Baking Soda

Add a few drops of water to baking soda powder and make a paste then apply it all over your nose till it dries. Baking Soda has exfoliating properties which would help you get rid of dead skin cells and clogged pores.


Patting a small amount of honey on the areas where blackheads are present would help in deep cleaning the pores.


Anti bacterial properties present in tomatoes helps in drying blackheads and also deep cleans. Gently massage your face with natural tomato juice for best results.

Honey, lemon and sugar scrub

Mix honey, lemon and sugar to make a thick scrub and massage it on the areas affected by blackheads for baby-like skin, which is flawless.

Apple Cider Vinegar

This product has many benefits internally and externally for your body. Appling it with a cotton ball gently over the areas with blackheads would cleanse your pores and reduce the formation of sticky black dots gradually.

Steam your face

You must have noticed your local parlour ladies giving your face a steam right before they jump on to facials. Face steaming helps in opening up the clogged pores and increasing blood circulation of the face. Do this before scrubbing off your blackheads for the best results.

Egg Whites

Applying egg whites on the face, guarantees soft skin and even unclog the most stubborn pores on your skin.

Honey with cinnamon powder

Make a gentle scrub naturally with combining honey and cinnamon powder. Massage it over the blackheads affected areas and experience your softest skin. It also helps in unclog troublesome pores and getting rid of whiteheads as well.

Stay tuned for more such remedies!

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