10 Vegetarian delicacies that are worth ditching meat for!


Ofcourse we know how much you love food. Well, who can resist the temptation of butter chicken and spicy fish curry? No matter how much these dishes sound, they are not the only good thing on earth. If you are a hard core non-vegetarian and loves meat more than your own life, you’re not gonna to like what I’m going to say next.

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If you are one of those for whom nothing matters more than good food, either when you’re on a trip or with the best people in your life, this blog is definitely for you. We live in a country that offers a vast variety of delicacies to savour your taste buds with but today, we bring you the best 10 vegetarian dishes from across the world which will force you ditch your favourite meat at once. Take a look at them!

Somandu in South Korea

vegetarian dishes

Who is not a momo fan here? Well, Somandu are vegetable dumpling with a rich filling of mushroom and walnuts or pine nuts. As beautiful as they look, they melt in your mouth and give you a feel of heaven. Try them steamed, roasted or fried, you’re going to like them in all ways

Vinegret in Russia

vegetarian dishes

Playing with the colours of all the fruits and vegetables is the local Russian cuisine Vinegret. A beautiful salad for all you fitness freaks, this delicacy is mixture of beetroot, along with potatoes, carrots and fermented cabbage. What adds to the taste is brined pickle.

Malva Pudding in South Africa

vegetarian dishes

If you have a sweet tooth, this is the perfect dish for you. If you don’t have a sweet tooth, you’ll have one after trying this. This gorgeous pudding made up of apricot jam and paired with cream sauce is often served with ice cream and we don’t know a better way to have it.

Obatzda in Germany

vegetarian dishes

We have something for all the cheese lovers as well. Taking three parts soft cheese and one part butter gives the most delicious thing, Obatzda. The best part? Along with salt, pepper and paprika, it is seasoned with Beer as well.

Bam and Gamja Jeon in South Korea

vegetable dishes

The easiest food you’ll find on the streets of South Korea is Bam i.e. roasted peanuts and Gamja Jeon i.e. fried potato pancakes. They are extremely cheap and fulfils your craving for everything in the most apt way. 

Popiah in Singapore

vegetarian dishes

Popiah is just a fancy name for spring rolls, but not fried and is more healthy. One can pick the stuffing to be rolled in soft crepe rolls dipped in soy sauce and savour the dish sitting a beautiful Singapore restaurant.

Com Chay in Vietnam

vegetarian dishes

Call it a snack or something before snack, but Com Chay is not something you would like to skip when you eat for a good meal. Produced when rice is cooked over direct heat from flame, Com Chay or scorched rice is often served with vegetable toppings or as croutons.

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Mochi in Japan

vegetarian dishes

The staple street food of Japan, Somandu is the most basic and most mouth-watering dish in Japan. These dense rice cakes and not just yummy but they look so pleasing to the eyes that you can’t decide to eat them or just stare at them for hours.

Falafel in Egypt

vegetarian dishes

Well, Egypt is not just famous for pyramids I guess! Falafel is the most delicious thing middle-east has given us and we are sure you must have tried it till now. But what makes traditional falafel a must eat is its Tahini sauce that can beat normal hummus any day.

Patata Bravas in Egypt

vegetarian dishes

If this not our comfort food after a rough day then what is? The staple Spanish dish made of potatoes is definitely finger-licking because of its sauce on the top.

If you haven’t tried any of these yet, you haven’t done much with life.

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