5 Food Combinations, we all love but are dangerous AF!


Okay, I plead guilty of eating all kind of wrong food because I am too lazy to get the right stuff into my system. Be it  grab-a-quick-lunch or one of those days, when you just don't feel good, we always manage to find an excuse to get out hands on that burger we've been craving all week, right?

Pizza is and always will be my best friend!

For instance, ice-cream and gulab jamun both taste relentlessly delicious when consumed together but what about its calorific value? So, here we have a few food combinations that are the best but we should avoid.

Burger and Fries

Wait, whaaaaaaaaat? We all have been ordering meals at a McDonalds only for the love of fries with burgers since the beginning of time. And it is not healthy, at all. The trans-fats found in both these food items lower your blood sugar levels which cause you to feel tired and sleepy.

Cereal and Juice

Not only the Australians but people all over the world are consuming cereal as one of their favorite breakfast meals. And little did we know that consuming cereal with juice could be very harmful. The reason behind it is that the acids in orange juice lower the activity of the enzyme that break down carbohydrates in your body.

Eggs and Bacon

This is something we all stuff ourselves with, especially at a buffet breakfast. But you should try to avoid it because the combination is hard to digest and deprives us of energy at the start of our day.

Pizza and Soda

We cannot imagine a huge, lumpy, cheesy and delicious pizza without cola. We just cannot. However, it is highly unfit for your health to consume them both together. The carbohydrates present in the pizza along with proteins and starch take up a lot of your body’s energy for digestion and hence, poor digestion.

Post-Meal Fruits

Not all but many are in a habit of eating fruits after a meal, for the sake of consuming something sweet yet healthy. But is it actually healthy? We doubt that. Eating fruit after a meal doesn’t combine well with other foods since it requires no digestion and causes the other food to stay in the stomach for a long time.

So, if next time you are about to mix to edibles for the sake of taste or convenience then you must keep a tab of the after-effects of that food on your body. Stay tuned for more lifestyle related updates.

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