5 major overrated things that we should probably move on from


We're not against fairy-tale romances, crazy friendships and epic stories but sometimes, they are just exaggerated versions of things that weren't that special to begin with.

I'm on the hunt for who I've not yet become

With the ever evolving pop and social media culture, we now believe that some events are life-changing when infact, they are nothing more than a pass-time fad.

So this coming year, let's open our mind and find our individuality. To begin with, here are some of those things:

Balcony view


Having a balcony is great- only if you have a worthy view too. Honestly, more times than you know the only view you have from the balcony is of other buildings, wet clothes hanging and pigeons pooping.

Bike Travels


Sitting on a bike for several hours can do serious damage to you. Not to forget, how uncomfortable that can be!

Quitting job without planning


Yeh sab moh maya hai, but you're wrong! When you are down to the last packet of Parle-G and even the chai vale bhaiya is not willing to extend credit to you, a job is very helpful



Maggie and cold weather is too overrated, I believe. London, Mumbai and New York have such great views and shopping places, then why do most of the people want to end up on a mall road?



Getting a tattoo is personal but painful too. It's not something you wish to buy, it's permanent so better be careful. A tattoo is not going to turn your life around, it will not make your perspective change and it sure as hell will not get you the next big love of your life.

Let's be practical this coming year, no?

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