5 Pre-Bridal Skin Care Tips For The Most Beautiful Bride-To-Be


Wedding season is in the air and if you are the bride this year we know how much pressure could you be under, right now. Amidst the several months that goes into planning your dream wedding, brings a lot of tensions and anxiety which directly affects your skin and generally brides forget to take care of their skin. It's your wedding and you deserve to look beyond beautiful. 

Every bride is meant to the star of her own wedding. So here are some pro skin care tips which would help you become the most beautiful bride, this season:


Cleansing, toning and moisturizing should be incorporated in your daily routine. It deep-cleans your skin and help open clogged pores which will help your skin to breath better. It will keep your skin youthful and always glowing.

Facial and Hair Spa

If you're getting married very soon, it’s essential for you to get gold facials every month. Also, which bride-to-be doesn't want her hair to look as shiny as any celebrity; therefore, make your hair spa appointment a regular at your favourite salon.

Teeth Whitening

At you own wedding, when all the spotlights are on your face, you don't want your yellow teeth to spoil the best day of your life. So make sure to book an appointment with your dentist, right before your wedding as you'll be smiling a lot and as they say, smile is your best accessory end of the day therefore, it should be perfect.

Hair Removal

Keep yourself well-groomed, and it applies for all parts of your body, especially legs and arms. Wedding season has a series of events day-after-day and then you got to leave for your honeymoon as well; between so many things at least be hassle free about unwanted hair growth on your body. Plan in advance, as this laser treatment generally takes months, depending upon your growth.

Well Hydrated

No facial or laser could improve the quality of your skin from within like water. Drink as much as 4 gallons of water and keep your sleeping schedule on time to look eternally beautiful at your wedding.

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