6 types of pointless pictures that people should stop posting


Social media has taken over our generation. Whether it is a wedding ceremony or a car crash, social media is the first platform where everything gets uploaded. This trend of sharing pictures is the one trend that has really stuck with us. In one way, people now like to communicate through visuals. Right? 

Well, as this social media is growing on us, with all kinds of poses and filters I think, it is time that all of us stop posting some unnecessary and totally pointless photographs. So here's a list of some weird poses that I have come across. 


You are eating food. WOWW! So does everyone else. Then what is the whole point clicking a picture and showing it? Just eat it, enjoy it. Just so you know, I don't really care about what goes through your digestive system.

Gym selfies

You are hitting the gym? Good for you. But it will be better, if you concentrate while working out rather than posing in front of the mirror. 


Come on, you're not Richie Rich from Saudi Arabia then why bother? You got a car? Then just try not to misplace its keys rather than showing off.

Duck face

Yeah, that's exactly how it looks when someone pulls that stupid a face. How the fuck do people believe that this looks attractive? I’d like this delusional lot to repeat after me: “I’m not a duck. I’m not a duck. I’m not a duck. I’m not a duck. I'm not a duck.”

So much for Inspirational/Philosophical Quotes

If you have so much of Gyaan, then why don't you try for Sadhna channel? Life is hard. Love sucks. We know. Stop preaching already. You ain't my spiritual guru.

Bathroom selfies

Thank you for not being totally nude in the pictures but why the hell do you want to click such a picture and share it with the world? You really don't give a shit about privacy, do you? So turning off.

STOP PEOPLE, PLEASE. Some trends need to be gone. NOW!

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