7 Misconceptions about hair fall and how to fix them


There are so many old man tales doing rounds about hair fall and hair growth and we have been entangled in them since ages. The question arises what to believe and what not? Do we know the truth? Do we know what causes our hair to fall or destroys our luscious mane?

Hair loss is just God’s way of telling you that you are a human.

Well, we know now. Let free of your shining locks without any fear of destroying their gorgeousness and let them face the heat of the day. Watch them do the happy dance because we are going to burst some deadly myths about all your hair fall problems.

Myth 1: Sunlight is the catalyst in hair growth

hair fall

Well, this is a myth everyone believes in. The reality is that the hair follicles lie beneath the skin where sunlight cannot even touch them. So the growth of hair is not dependent on sunlight. You can very well expose your tresses to the sun and dare him .

Myth 2: Vitamins give you thicker hair

hair fall

Sorry to burst your bubble but vitamins don’t help you achieve a thicker mane. They can very well help get a healthy constitution of your hair but the hair follicles won’t get much affected by it. 

Myth 3: For good hair growth, have a good hair massage

hair fall

What is better than having a good hair massage after a long day at work? It would surely be relaxing and soothing but if you are thinking that it will help in hair growth, you are doing it with the wrong intention. Massage cannot make the hair grow fast but can relax your muscles.

Myth 4: Regular trims help hair grow faster

hair fall

Another popular myth is about to be busted. Your hair stylists’ scissors have nothing to do with achieving long and strong hair as it is a given that your hair grow half-a inch every month and it will continue to do so with or with getting them trimmed.

Myth 5: Pull out 1 grey hair and 4 more will grow

hair fall

Although this has nothing to do with hair fall, but it is not a good habit. Plucking hair can damage the roots in more ways than you can imagine. It can also lead to infections on the scalp. But to answer your question, no pulling out 1 grey hair won’t add 4 more to your beautiful mane.

Myth 6: When in stress, you lose your hair

hair fall

Stress results in hair thinning or hair fall is a completely misleading statement. It may vary from body to body, but the moment stress level start to decrease, hair fall starts to mend its way as well. 

Myth 7: Age is a major determinant in hair loss

hair fall

Age myth busted. How old are you is not the factor that defines your hair fall or hair growth. Young girls of age 12 can also experience severe hair fall as a pretty lady of age 21. The reason is not age but it can be hormonal changes or any other reason.

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