7 useful Gardening tips everyone who loves plants must follow


For some, it is just a way of making their homes look prettier and for others it is a mode of calming their souls- in one way or another everyone like gardening and who doesn’t, hasn’t really felt the satisfaction of watching his own seed grow.

To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow!

Whether you are a beginner and want to plant a new garden or a veteran with a green thumb, we know how messy it can get when you get involved with your plants. To ease out those summer gardening routines and make it more fun and exciting, here are a few tricks and tips to make sure you have a breezy time while doing it. Let’s get started!

Don’t overdo it


Don’t grow everything and anything you get in the store. Make sure you research before picking up the plants and vegetables you want to grow as some might want larger space and other might just need an inch to grow beautifully. Localize your plants according to their air and water needs and of course the area you have.

Weed Regularly


This is a big step to take care of if you want to maintain a garden. Weed you garden regularly as cultivated plants don’t strongly compete with weeds. They need your help to grow perfectly.

No Dropping of seeds


Make sure that you don’t let your plants drop seeds, here and there, in the garden. This will prove to be a big problem for you in the long run. 

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Plastic Water Bottle reservoir


If you are one of them who loves gardening but doesn’t have a minute in this fast paced world to stop and water your plants regularly, this trick is for you. Make a water reservoir out of a plastic bottle by cutting the bottom of it and pushing it upside down in the soil before planting a new sprout. Fill the bottle with water and it will take care of the plants’ need for 2-3 days.

Baking Soda for Tomatoes


It happens many a times that the tomatoes you grow in your home garden are tart. Here’s the trick, take baking soda and mix with soil on which your tomatoes are blooming. It will make them taste less tart.

Those Gardening tool


As important as your plants are for you, the tool that help you maintain them are equally important. Always store your gardening tools in builder’s sand as it will prevent them from rusting.

Vodka stops aging


We all hate it when are flowers die away so soon. One way to stop them is use citrus flavored sodas like 7 Up and Sprite into the soil that helps them stay fresh long. One can also use vodka to bring life into their plants as vodka stops aging.

Are you ready to follow these amazing tips and make your garden sing a happy all year long?

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