7 Ways to make your marriage Divorce-proof


Lets face it, the world has seen more number of divorce in the previous few years than they have seen children. The time has come when even statistics shoes that the divorce rates have touched sky and married couples are involved in heated arguments more than romance.

We repeat what we don't repair!

Has love really vanished from this earth? Or are we just focusing on the fact that people have become more obsessed about themselves that they don’t care about working out a healthy relationship even when it comes to their marriage.

But don’t worry; for all you love stricken people, we have got a way out. Here are 7 successful tips to make your marriage divorce proof, even if you are 10 years old in the relationship or a beginner.

Date your Way Into It

Who doesn’t like the dating period of life. Those butterflies in the stomach every time you meet him or those late night talk,those are definitely the golden days of any relationship and we would suggest to make them long at least 3 years before putting a ring onto it. Research shows that couples who date for at least a few years increase their chances of staying together.

Commit after 23

23 is a golden number. It is the age when you have your innocence intact yet you are mature enough to take in everything. Wait till you’re 23 to say ‘I Do’ and trust me, you’ll be happier by the day. I would also advise you to pick a partner of around your age. Similar understanding of life makes the journey worth its way.

Save the Saving

When your parents advise you not to blow away all your savings on those big diamonds, listen to them. Money matter is oftenly the most common issue that end up in separation. I don’t think you want that. Remember-the good you are with the money, the better you are at life.

Learn to Communicate

Communication in the relationship is not all about flaunting your love on social media but serious talks that involve your feelings not just about each other but also the whole world that revolves around you and your partner. Be open to listening what your beloved has to say and bring n your feeling to the table as well.

Just a thought- Don’t talk about everything to death as well. Some things are better left unsaid as well. Learn to know the difference

Keep the Spark Alive

Marriage doesn’t mean you have to stop going on dates or expressing your love to each other once a while. These cute little things are as important in a marriage as they were in your dating period. Keep surprising each other with little nothing and watch the love bloom.

Married till Death

If you are a curt believer of this vow ‘Until Death do us part’, you have nothing to worry. One really has to have a mindset that this relationship is worth fighting for till the very end when those short term hurdles arrive. If that passion to be together after everything ends, the marriage ends.

Both run the Family

It doesn’t mean both have to bring bread in the house but things are smoother in a marriage when both partners have a life of their own and bring in that freshness into their surroundings. Have a common hobby or share your love for the same things, you’ll feel closer to your partner the very minute you start complimenting them in their lives.

So the next time you feel like taking an out of the whole relationship-thing which you feel is pointless, just remember why you began in the first place and incorporate above tips to make your relation healthy.

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