8 times when the west proved that Indian schools require upgrades


We all have to agree that every now and then we miss our good old school days. They were the best part of our lives, right? Yes, there is tons of homework, way too many exams and the same uniform to be worn, over and over again. There's also too much discipline and barely any freedom, yet there is something about those days that makes us miss them incredibly.

Good old school-days!

But if you are an avid viewer of Hollywood high school movies, then there is a hundred percent chance that you would've wished to study in one of those schools where life was indeed a party. There are so many things, we Indian children didn't experience.

So we thought of making a list of few things from the west that Indian schools can include to make school life, more fun:

Switching rooms for classes


No one can sit at one place for the whole day, no body likes it!

No uniform


Because why can't we dress up like ourselves, when we go to school to find our self!

Better cafeterias


Our Indian schools can really do with fancy looking cafeterias that serve amazing snacks.

More voluntary work


Children can learn so much more in school, than just academics. Only if they encouraged more voluntary work!



Who would mind being the most popular girl in school, wearing those cute outfits and dancing like no one's business!



Okay, now this has to be compulsory. Who wouldn't like looking at pictures of the year gone by, right?



They are way too cool and it is difficult for students to carry that heavy bag all day long. Especially considering how heavy books can get!

Prom Nights


Saving the best for the last! Contesting for prom queen and king? Oh yes, bring it on!

School would be so much better and our lives would have been so much easier, only if this comes true! If you have more points, let us know in the comments section below!

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