Alia Bhatt's New House Is Cool and Dreamy

The cutiepie in Bollywood, Alia Bhatt, has decided to leave her parents. Relax friends, she is not leaving her parents forever rather the lady has decided to move out from her parents house and move the independent way.
The lady is just 23 and she has built a home for herself. That deserves Standing Ovation.
Alia Bhatt, with her bae Shaheen (sister), has shifted to her new house and it is all kinds of dreamy. The house has the spark of youth and definitely compliments all the energy that Alia oozes. Not modern yet chic, the house redefines Alia's persona. She met Richa Bahl, director Vikas Bahl's wife, on the sets of Shaandaar and asked her to do the interiors. She asked the lady, “I told Richa I didn’t want it to be too modern. I wanted it to feel a little old, with a New York loft kind of feel. And I didn’t want anything overtly glamorous, like chandeliers, or marble floors.” No matter how modern the actress is, she is old school at heart. When we saw the house, we couldn't stop staring. And so will you. Take a tour with us to Alia Bhatt's house with us and we bet your ideas for a dream house will change.

Reading Corner

Alia Bhatt's New House Is Cool and Dreamy A corner in the lady's house that soothes her. While not shooting Alia likes to give some time to reading and this looks like a fun way to read. Beautiful book shelf and sunlight coming from those wide windows is absolutely bliss.

Food in Heaven!

Alia Bhatt's New House Is Cool and Dreamy The way her kitchen and dinning area looks, one can imagine having lunch in Heaven. Delicate cutlery adorns Alia's kitchen with loads of colour bringing up the aura. As one says, you feel good when you eat look. And if the place is like Alia's, you will never feel low.

Picture Perfect!

Alia Bhatt's New House Is Cool and Dreamy Of course with Alia Bhatt, the diva, comes a bunch of people who take care that she looks top notch everytime. So how can she not have a space dedicated to her  hair and make up in the house?. Her styling area is just beautiful with a perfect pinch of drama in it.

Sit like a Queen

Alia Bhatt's New House Is Cool and Dreamy The lady has got beautiful interior with funky cushions and contemporary colors. Almost we see shades of Ivory ruling in her house which gives it a cool and breezy feel, just like Alia herself. Don't you just fell in love with her house? Don't blame us if you keep dreaming about it all the time.
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