An Indian meal is incomplete without Potatoes for most of us, proved a survey


Anyone who isn’t a potato fan? Well, we can see only a few hands rising. Of course, your hand will definitely go up if you are dieting and also if you are a Jain. Fries before guys, isn’t girls? Mostly all of us love potatoes be it in parathas, burgers, patties, curries or sandwiches, there is a lot that can be made with potatoes.

Haters gonna hate, potatoes gonna potate

An Indian kitchen might sometimes fall short of fruits but can never fall short of potatoes. According to a survey, approx 51% of Indians have the capability of eating potatoes every day. Observing the love for potato of Indians, Taco Bell has introduced The Crispy Potaco (as you might have guessed it means a potato taco). Isn’t it a true delight for all the potato lovers? Most of the Indians include potato in any of their meals once in a day.

The survey was conducted amongst the people between the age group 15-40 years. It was found out that 51% of the people can eat potato daily, whereas 73%of them responded that they love fried potatoes and rated it 5 on the scale of 1-5.

The participants feel that potato has been one of the most flexible vegetables. They also feel that potato doesn’t get its due credit and a need should be created to make potato great amongst the Indian consumers.

We all want to binge on potatoes but look like fries, isn’t it? Happy Potating to all you couch potatoes! Stay tuned for more Health and Lifestyle updates.

(With inputs from IANS)

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