Basic table etiquette to ace your formal dinner-dates!


Being a huge foodie, I love dinner dates whether formal or informal. What could be better than talking to someone you like and eating what you love, altogether? I bet nothing. However, sometimes it might get a little difficult to impress your date while chewing a mouthful of delicious food.

Nothing is better than a good dinner and talking about life with friends

I am not afraid to accept the fact that I do not look attractive while eating. I doubt if anyone does. So, how can we figure out a way to ace such dates? Yes, you guessed it right. You may ace your formal dinner/lunch dates by following some of the most basic table-etiquette, so that you do not end up making a fool of yourself.

Here are some basic table-etiquette to help you ace formal/informal dinner dates:

Watch yourself

Now you may ask how one can watch himself/herself while eating. The only way to assess whether you are eating appropriately or not is by filming yourself by eating and acknowledging the wrongs which you do. For instance, some people chew loudly whereas some prefer silent munching. Hence, try to correct your wrong eating-habits.

Use napkins for stainless munching

We all can relate to the horrifying moment when a drop of spicy-curry falls on our light-colored denims or trousers. Such curry stains not only look untidy but also reflects that you are clumsy as well.  So make sure that as soon as you sit on the diner, your fist move should be to unfold a napkin and place it on your lap carefully.

Be patient

It is pretty much understood that you must not start eating before every person has reached and seated peacefully. However, it is not a bad idea to let others start eating first and you start soon after everyone has found a plate. Therefore, be patient irrespective of how hungry you are.

When in doubt, follow the host

If you are in a doubt of what to do next or how to handle a utensil then in such situations, you must look up to the host and follow as he does. This will help you in playing safe during a dinner date.

Chat carefully

At such dates/meetings, you will often encounter a situation when someone would ask you a question right when your mouth is stuffed with food. You must not speak until you finish chewing and smile gently as a pause. Once you finish chewing you must present a suitable reply along with friendly gestures.

These are just few of the most basic table etiquette which you must know. These etiquette will ensure that you never make a fool of yourself while eating at a classy dinner. Stay tuned for more lifestyle related updates.

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