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A buyer buys house yet a family makes it home. Undoubtedly, home is the best place in this world to be. You find warmth, love, relatives, food, shelter and a sense of comfort in your home. Therefore, it has become extremely important to get your home decor right according to your taste or inclination. While there are a lot of options available to decorate your house-walls for every theme or obsession, we will be discussing one of the most elegant ones of them; 'Fragments of the Indian culture'.

A tree can survive only if it is well-connected to its roots.

Being an Indian, Indian culture are my roots and mother India is my primary shoot. And there is nothing more elegant or classy than our culture; the rich Indian culture. Therefore, in order to decorate your beloved homes into an elegant and classy Indian theme here are some of the most cherished wall-sticker options.

Here are the best wall stickers to add fragments of the rich Indian culture to your home decor:

Best Wall Stickers in India 

1.Power-socket hack

Home Decor

We all require electricity in our houses. Alas, a lot of life-less 'white' power-sockets in the midst of the walls to ensure power supply. Did you know that there is a way to make them elegantly blend in with your Indian home? Yes, there is a way. The above displayed simple yet elegant wall-stickers will compliment your power-sockets precisely.

2.Tribute to women

Home Decor

Gender inequality has been a major issue in India. But you are a modern and smart Indian. Therefore, it will not only to portray a positive and strong message but will also make your boring monotone wall look very much more elegant and classy. Its electrified colors will surely add some positive vibes to your cozy space.

3.Life quote

Home Decor

Every person lives his/her life with a specific agenda/motto. Where for some that agenda is to make money, others are living to love. Inspiring quotes or some priceless words will surely add a touch of personalization to your home. 'Love-Laugh-Live' are the best three words to enlighten your mind as well as home.

4.Your very own sunset

Home Decor

Isn't sunset the most beautiful time of the day? When the sun is about to sink into the mountains and the sky becomes bright orange. Even thinking about such scenery rejuvenates mind and soul. Well good news for you! As with this wall sticker, you not only get a beautiful sunset permanently in your room but also two pink flamingos which are a symbol of love.

5.Mighty Krishna and flute

Home Decor

India is land of gods and goddesses with over millions of them spiritually healing the natives. Therefore, nothing is better for the spiritual minds than this elegant wall art of the almighty lord Krishna and his mighty flute.

6.Dots the way

Home Decor

Surprisingly, polka dots were introduced late in the fashion industry but have always been a part of the Indian culture and craftsmanship. This eccentric wall art of bright polka dots will surely add some Indian colors to your room.

7.Illustrious peacock feather

Home Decor

Peacock is a beautiful bird and hence, it is also the national bird of our country. Many Indians believe that a peacock's feather is somewhat lucky. So here it is, your very own luck dispenser and a beautiful wall art.

8.Nature and its boons

Home Decor

Mother Nature nourishes every form of life on this planet without being biased. Therefore, a few branches of trees along with a handful of beautiful birds will set your mood right. Opt for this wall art to ensure positive vibes at your home.

So stop wasting money and effort in finding the right wall art for your room or home and use this fruitful guide for getting your wall correct and adding fragments of the Indian culture to your house.

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