Best glassware to compliment your brewski!


Beer is not merely a beverage these days but a hobby. People love their beer, they brew their beer and some even drink their own beer. As I previously mentioned it is not a business or beverage but a passion. Some would say each beer has significant taste to it where some would say that every beer has a distinguished sound to it (due to its heavy carbonation).

A quarter of ale is a dish for a king!

People have different theories as well as different stories related to their beer. Beer is creating all sorts of buzz around the world. Where many people would complement their beer with a slice of lemon or a squeeze of orange, some prefer their beer strong and cold just in a suitable glassware/beer glasses.

Therefore, in order to make sure that your beer is served just right to you when you need it the most, here is a list of beer glasses to compliment your brewski:

Pint Glass

Pint glass or better known as American pint glass is probably the most common glassware used to serve chilled beer. It is not only conventional but also a signature cutlery for beer-lovers. A typical pint glass would hold somewhere between 250ml to 300 ml of liquor (dimensions may vary from design to design).


Commonly used in England, Germany and the US of America, Beer mugs are one of my favorites too. You can find different sizes and types of beer mugs all around the globe. It is not only easy to hold but gigantic beer mugs are capable of holding around 1 liter of liquor. The main characteristic of the beer mug is that it is cylindrical in shape and has a handle on the side.

Beer Steins

A very similar kind of glassware as the beer mugs, beer steins come equipped with a hinged lid and a lever for your thumb to open said lid easily. As per the historical facts, the lids were originally fitted in the container for preventing the contamination of the beer.


Unlike pint glass or mugs or stein, beer goblets can be found in several types, shapes and sizes. Goblets have a characteristic shape and having a long thick stem with a bowl sitting on the top. Goblets are best suited for heavy, malty beers.

Pilsner Glasses

Pilsner glasses or the light beer glass is a tall glass with not much width to it. There are a variety of sizes of pilsner glasses, but for the most part they all hold slightly less beer than a pint glass. Its delicate structure allows you to feast on the colors of your beer.

These beer glasses are specifically designed keeping the taste and convenience of a beer-lover in the mind. So, get up and find the perfect glassware for your brewski. Stay tuned for more lifestyle related updates.

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