Bipasha-Karan having a gala time with the Aussies


The two love birds of Bollywood are spreading their love in Australia since the New Year eve. Bips and KSG after their marriage have been holidaying together at many destinations all over the world. If our record is correct, this is their third or fourth honeymoon.

A beautiful view in the front and the love of your life on the side makes a perfect day.
The couple doesn't seems to be getting out of their honeymoon phase anytime soon. Keeping their fans in the loop, the couple keeps posting exciting pics and videos of their "Monkey Vacations" on social media. And they are just adorable. Bipasha took to her instagram to post the pictures from their Australia holiday too. They having a very pleasant time with each other as their pictures are the prove, how deeply they are in love with each other. Along with the crazy videos, just look at the hash tag on their pictures, #aussiemonkey. Now from the Monkey Wedding to Monkey Vacations. Creative much, right? Bipasha-Karan a having gala time with the Aussies Look at the pictures they uploaded on the instagram and you will know their story of fun and excitement. Look at these pictures in this the expression queen and king is posing for the selfies. Karan also posted a bunch of their selfie and truckloads of videos on his account. One of the picture read the caption, “Your smile lights up even the cloudiest days #aussiemonkeys” Hmm....... so romantic Mr. Hubby. Bipasha-Karan a having gala time with the Aussies Bips and Karan both were looking fun yet super sexy in the pictures. Not only the pictures but have a look at the video from Mr.&Mrs. Grover as well. [video width="480" height="600" mp4=""][/video] Aren’t they just adorable to watch?

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