Clever tricks for making laundry easier for you!


Living alone in this busy world can mean a hell lot of pain. From taking care of yourself to your belongings; the hustle is unending. It seems like one of the most difficult part of the life is putting up on your own.

Clean clothes for better health!

For all those unfortunate people who stay alone without anyone to look-after them, we have come up with some clever tricks for making laundry easier for you. We already know how precious time becomes (especially on weekends) once you commit to an organization and laundry kills most of it.

In order to make your life simpler, here are some clever tricks for helping you with the laundry:

Folding trick

If you have binge-watched The Big Bang Theory then you must have seen Sheldon Cooper folding his clothes. And there is a lot which you can learn from it. Well, here is the trick; you must use a foldable cardboard for better and even creases while folding.

Pinch of salt

While washing an article which is made up of cotton, apparels often lose their color. And this loss of color leads to fading. Not many people would know that adding a pinch of salt will help. Yes, add a pinch of salt in your washing machine or a bucket full of clothes to prevent color-fading

Washing device

If time is what you lack the most then you must invest in a fully-automatic washing machine for saving your time. This is not a trick specifically but more of an advise as cleanliness plays an important role in maintaining a good health. There are a lot of options available for suiting every individual's need.

Drying hack

After washing, what comes next is drying-up your clothes. And the trick is to turn your clothes upside-down while hanging them for drying. By doing so, the probability of damaging the color of your apparel reduces.


If you have a ton of clothes which loose color then you must separate them from other apparels (especially white or light colors). By doing so, the colors won't get mixed with other clothes.

Do you still think that laundry will suck all of your energy? Stay tuned for more health and lifestyle related updates.Follow our Bollywood Magazine For Latest Bollywood News and Gossips.

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