Clever ways to gulp-in more chapters in less time during exams!


Every year, students face an unavoidable round of exams and assignments to become eligible for the next educational standard/class. All of the assignments lectures and examinations only lead to stress build-up and helps nowhere in the learning process. And hence, students become more and more stressed as the exams approach.

Learn to study and study to learn.

Somewhere in this process of education, the whole objective of learning has slowly been fading away. Nowadays, students focus less on learning and more of scoring good marks and copying their assignments. Also, there is no denying of the fact that your scores actually does matter especially if you are about write your board exams.

So in order to help all the students, here are some clever ways to gulp-in more chapters in less time during exams:

Best study hours

People, who think that forcing a kid to study throughout the day will do any good to the kid or his grades, are completely wrong. Instead of improved grades, that kid will develop a sense of repulsion for the books. So, the best way to score well is by deciding specific study hours. A student must know at what time, he/she is able to study-well i.e., morning hours or late hours. If nothing then 4 hours/day is more than enough to score aptly in the entrance exams/boards.

Kill your weaknesses

Many students won’t even bother to know their strengths and weaknesses which is also a major reason why those students will find studies difficult. So, know what you are good at and what not so that you can work off your rough edges. And once your academic weaknesses, then you are already halfway through. Now, all you have to do is to study what you find difficult more than the rest of the subjects.

Do not skip meals

Every student must make it a point to not to skip any meal of the day. Doing this may lead to the deficiency of a particular vitamin or nutrients due to some of which brain functions slowly. So, if you want to learn faster and score better then you must not compromise your food intake.

Recreation is a must

Besides rigorous studying and eating life, a student must be given sufficient time for recreational activities so that the level of stress stays low. And for better and faster learning there should not be any stress on a student’s mind.

So, stop myths from ruining your score sheet and follow this guide for a brighter future and a happy student-life. Stay tuned for more lifestyle related updates.

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