Couple died waiting 14 years for sex and 7 other Ironic deaths like this


Whoever said death is inevitable, didn’t tell us to stay away from anything and everything that surrounds us. No matter how much we maintain a safe distance from things that are too dangerous, who knows that the things we like can be the reason for our death too.

The trouble is you think you have time.

After reading about these ironic tragedies you will understand what I’m getting at. These poor souls died of all the things they absolutely loved. Who knew death can be creative as well?

1. Jerome Moody


Even after having 100 life guards at a pool party, Jerome Moody died. The biggest irony happened to be that he was celebrating his first summer season with Zero Drowning. Yes, he was a swimming instructor.

2. Gary Hoy


Poor Gary, who knew he would fail his own point? In order to prove that the windows at Skyscrapers are unbreakable, he jumped out of one and fell on his own death. But to be fair to him, windows didn’t break but the window frame did come off.

3.  Sachi and Tomio Hidaka


There has been no worse tragedy than this loving couple’s. The duo waited for 14 years to have sex and died of heart attack during orgasm. Now what can be worse than that?

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4. Jennifer Strange


We all love challenges, don’t we? Well, this love actually cost Jennifer her life. She participated in a radio challenge called ‘Hold your Pee for a Wee’ and the excess water resulted in swelling up the organs in her body. Eventually she died.

5. Marvin Gaye


Who knew Marvin would get killed by his own father? After attempting three suicide, Mr. Gaye was shot by his father with the same gun Marvin gifted him.

6. Paul Walker


Well, we all are aware of the tragic death story of our most favourite actor Paul Walker. The man who gave us dreams of high-speed cars actually died in his Porsche which hit a lamp stand and exploded.

He once said, ‘If one day speed kills me, do not cry because I was smiling’.

7. Fagilyu Mukhametzyanov


We are sure no one has ever seen his death, nor does one want to. But this Russian lady has actually seen it and died of it. One morning she woke up in her coffin and died of the shock.

8. Richard Versalle


This famous Opera actor died while delivering his own performance. Yes the man was performing at the New York Metropolitan Opera and died. His last lines were, ‘Too bad you can only live so long’.

As tragic and ironic as these deaths are, we wonder how much they have enjoyed their hobbies that eventually killed them. Do you also have any disastrous hobby as well?

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