Crazy 'discount-scoring' hacks for online shoppers


Unlike now, there was once a time when shopping meant endless hours of manually searching articles of your choice at multiple places. However, today we just need to download a suitable application, surf through a few options, select one and then get it delivered at our doorsteps. Quite a long leap for shoppers, isn't it?

Indeed, e-commerce has completely revolutionized our way of shopping. But what about all those tricks which you must have used for scoring a neat amount of discount on your purchase, while buying from an actual shop? Precisely speaking, your previous 'discount-scoring' tricks are useless while shopping online. However, there are few neat tricks which you may pull-off on your online vendor/site. Here is a list of such crazy 'discount-scoring' hacks for all you online shoppers:

Escape dynamic price tags

Dynamic pricing is merely a strategy of online retailers which is being used to offer different prices to different customers based on the demand, market factors and each user’s browsing and spending patterns. In short, the best way to avoid such pricing scheme which often results in price hike is to erase your browser’s cookies and log out of your account. You can also opt for using a “private” or “incognito” window on your browsers, so cookies aren’t saved during your search.

Cannot find coupons? Get them

Coupons play an important role while online shopping. Different coupons have different benefit schemes for the consumers. Always make sure you find and keep as many coupons as possible. And if you’re not good at finding coupons, check out popular coupon sites like, and

Socialize with your online retailer

Socializing with the retailer was a help back then and is still very important for getting a better treatment. You must follow your online retailers on Twitter, Facebook and others as they often reward their social media followers with exclusive coupons or early access to major sales.

Customer Services may help

You may not believe it at first but customer service portal may prove to be helpful. Sometimes you’re lucky enough to possess a discount coupon but sometimes the coupon is expired already. Always keep in mind that companies want you to buy, and if you call their customer service line, they may just extend the life of your coupon. Give it a try!

Compare online prices

You must be aware of sites which are specifically dedicated to price comparison and data analysis. Sites like, or Google Shopping allows you to compare prices between stores with a few taps of your keyboard.

It is time you should convert yourself from a 'shopper'to 'smart shopper' and stay on top of your online shopping game by scoring unexpected and exclusive discounts on your favorite article.

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