Decorate your Homes with these Items to Welcome Santa


Who doesn't love holidays? And with Christmas right around the corner, a butt-load of holidays wait for us. Christmas calls for family reunions, warm food, parties, decorations, shopping and what not. However, this festival not has much to do with non-Christians but is regardless celebrated with great enthusiasm all around the world. In India, Christmas is not celebrated at a large scale but you are expected to find people wearing Santa caps, red jackets or a scarf with reindeers embroidered on it.

Christmas is a season not only of rejoicing but of reflection

And all that color coordination only to show enthusiasm towards this holy festival which marks the birth of Jesus Christ. People anonymously exchange gifts and credit our beloved Santa Claus for it. Not much is changed when it comes to celebrating Christmas in India from the initial concept of Christmas-celebrations. Well! It won't be wrong to say that the only thing we (Indians) lack behind  when it comes to Christmas celebrations is that we don't decorate our homes as much as you would see in the countries with Christians in majority. Therefore, in order to make sure that your Christmas celebrations are up to the mark and your house is well-decorated as per the Christmas theme, here are some items which you might consider for spending a jolly Christmas at home:



A Christmas tree is the most important part of the Christmas décor. A nice yet not-so-expensive Christmas tree will lighten up your house with the ‘jingle-feel’. There are a lot of options available on the internet ranging from synthetic to natural cedar trees for decorating your home.



Well! Just a Christmas tree is not sufficient. Don’t you remember Hollywood Christmas movies? There are a lot of bright, metallic bells surrounding the house. That shows the spirit of Christmas around the house. So likewise, opt for artificial bells to decorate your house.



Christmas or no-Christmas! Wall-hangings play an important role in decorating your home. There are numerous wall-hangings available ranging from very cheap to quite expensive ones. Well, for Christmas you can opt for floral or Catholic wall-hangings.

Giant Socks


Santa Claus is about to come and drop gifts for you (only if you have been a good kid). But have you ever wondered, where will Santa hide your gift, so that it remains a surprise for you? As per the rituals of the Christians, they hang up a pair of socks for Santa to put gifts in it.  So, do not forget to hang your giant socks up there for helping Santa surprise you.

These items are a must to get your homes decorated for the Christmas. And do not stop just there. Red décor items, reindeer and candles would also help you with Christmas decorations.

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