DJ Khaled's most valuable asset: King Asahd


Childhood is known to be the best and most significant part of one's life. We learn, grow and inculcate basic moral values which are very important to lead a prosperous and happy life. Well! In ode to childhood and children, today we will be talking about DJ Khaled's most valuable asset, his one year old son, Asahd. 

Now I have the energy that I love and need!! This a special energy my son gives me: DJ Khaled

There are many chances that you already know this super-kid, if you're one of the 6.3 million followers of his dad, DJ Khaled. And in case you don't, here is a list of reasons why DJ Khaled's son, Asahd is referred as a super-kid:

Coolest Friends


Where a one year old is often shy around new people, Asahd is a complete champ when it comes to socializing. This super-toddler has an unending list of gem-like friends in his life including Justin Beiber, Nicky Minaj, Jay-Z, Beyonce and a lot more. Can you imagine how it feels to befriend some of the most popular singers in the world? We bet you cannot!

Super Style


Okay! King Asahd turned one year old, last October and for such a young human, fashion restricts only to designer diapers. Well not for Asahd. This may boggle your mind but it is true that top-designers from the world tailor his miniature wardrobe collection. For instance, in the image above, Asahd is wearing matching Gucci suits with rapper Gucci Mane

Live Performance


There are not many singers who put a good show while performing live. However, DJ Khaled is exceptionally good at performing live. And seems Asahd bears the same talent that of his dad. When this kid or better known as 'super-kid' was not even an year old performed live in front of thousands of people at the BET Awards with Chance The Rapper, Quavo and Lil Wayne. You still doubt that Asahd is a super-kid?

Priceless Conversations


Having some of the most successful people from the industry as friends has many perks of its own. And the biggest one of them is having 'priceless-deep-conversations' with them. Think about it! King Asahd is not even two and his friends like Jay-Z must have been sharing their experiences and priceless secrets with him which is being noted down in his subconscious mind as of now.

We accept the fact that most of this was possible due to his loving father, DJ Khaled. But you have to give it to the confidence, cuteness and swag of this toddler. Stay tuned for more quirky celebrity updates.

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