Don't let this monsoon season come between you & your paw-friend!


While humans love the monsoon season for obvious reasons, our beloved pet dogs have ample of reasons to hate the same. The rainy season means stickiness, hair shedding, immunity issues or an infection for them and let’s faces it, not just animals but no living being would like any of the above mentioned things! But isn’t there a way out?

Some angels choose fur instead of wings!

Of course there is! Experts reveal that the solution to all of such problems of your dog lies with their diet. Don’t you want to know?

Well, we’ve listed a few dietary tips and tricks so that you can take care of your paw-friend this monsoon!

Hair Shedding

We all know that the pet's coat is a reflection of his health and the food he consumes. In order to avoid hair shedding, provide your dog with high quality diet with digestible protein sources. Foods with Omega 3 fatty acids also play an important role in promoting a healthy coat with minimal shedding.

No Infections

Just like humans, the food your dogs eat is what provides them with the energy to fight off any bacteria or infection. So the right food can really help you in solving the underlying problem of yeast build up. Add balanced fibrous food to your dog's diet to ensure regular bowel movements, which in the rainy season can be a blessing as the exposure to outdoors can be restricted.

Strong Immunity system

A dog's diet is the foundation of building good immunity and every dog has their own requirements. For example, a large sized adult dog's nutritional needs vary from that of a small sized adult dog. An ideal wholesome meal should contain Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Omega 3 fatty acids as they have important immune and anti-inflammatory functions that contribute to a dog's health and vitality.

Special care of puppies

New born pups are the most susceptible to infections. There is an ‘Immunity Gap' when they wean off their mother's milk and this is an extremely crucial time to ensure that they are fed a diet which has been carefully designed to deal with the situation.


There's nothing wrong in feeding your dog with whatever is on their plate or the leftovers but in monsoon, please do try to avoid feeding them raw meat, raw chicken, excessive fibrous vegetables and raw or cooked bones. It is essential to follow a particular diet plan and a close watch should be kept on a dog's health when switching food habits.

Follow this routine for a week and you’ll see the difference! Stay tuned for more Health & Lifestyle related updates!

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