Eat these 5 superfoods to lose some extra kilos!


Obesity or overweight is a long known enemy to the mankind. As we all know that obesity is also the root cause of many health problem yet around 5 out of 10 individuals in India are considered obese (as per the NFHS-4 2017). Do you think that people are gradually becoming more health-conscious? Well! We doubt. With the changing world, our lifestyles have also completely changed. 

In our fight against obesity, we lose to win!

Nowadays, people are consuming more packaged food than naturally cooked/grown food and have no time to indulge in physical activities. Hence, the obesity and other health related problems. Now what is to be done for reducing the extra kilos from your body? We say, ‘eat'. Don't be surprised! We know eating means consuming more calories and hence more weight but the trick is in what you eat.

Here are 5 amazing food items which will help you in losing some extra kilos from your body:


A not-so-common fruit in India, grapefruits are rich in enzymes and low on calories. Also, grapefruits contain healthy carbohydrates which will also help you in staying full. Grapefruit is also known for lowering the insulin levels of your body which helps in weight reduction.


If you are looking for a fruit to detoxifying your system then cucumber is the best option for doing so. Cucumber contains 95 per cent water which makes it incredibly low in calories. You must eat at least 3 portions of raw cucumbers in a day for reducing your body-weight.


Immensely rich in vitamin C, Kiwis reduce weight because they helps in efficient digestion and hence, less storage of fats in your body.  You must eat at least 2 Kiwis a day and that too on an empty stomach for ensuring maximum results.


This green leafy vegetable is loaded with vitamins, fiber and calcium which will ensure a good health for you if consumed. Consuming any form of this vegetable will ensure you to lose several kilos in a mere month of its regular consumption.

Chia Seeds

Another superfood which when mixed with liquid forms a gel, chia seeds are a complete powerhouse. You must consume chia seeds for a better metabolism. The seeds of chia enhance digestion and reduce fat from your body.

 Eat the above listed food items for burning the extra fat stored in your body. Stay tuned for more health and lifestyle related updates.

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